n.249 "Red Guitar" Private Collection  Oil on canvas  Year:2000.  65 x 96cm

309"La Guitarra" en el Ropero".  Oil on canvas  Year: 2012.  160 x 100cm

n.319 "The Fall" Oil on canvas.  Year:2012.  46 x 67cm

n.315 "Nuevos Despojos"  Oil on canvas. Year: 2011.  36,5 x 36,5cm

n.288 "Bom Retiro Neighborhood" Oil on canvas. Year:2007.  58 x 42cm

n.289 "Barra Funda Neighborhood" Oil on canvas. Year:2007.  58 x 42cm

n.291 "A Varzea do Glicério" Private Collection. Oil on Canvas Year:2007. 58x42cm

n.292 "Cambuci Neighborhood" Oil on canvas Year:2007. 58x42cm

n.293 "The Lake"  Oil on canvas.  Year:2007.  58 x 42cm

n.294 "Still Life" Year: 2008.  44,5 x 39,5cm

n.300 "The Preparation " Oil on canvas. Year:2009.  30 x 40cm

n.301 "Who Waits..." Year:2010.  30 x 40cm

n.302 "El Encapuchado". Oil on canvas.  Year:2010.  30 x40cm

n.317 "Dungeon". Oil on canvas. Year:2012.  72 x 72cm

n.304 Study for "Landscape" Year:2010.  30 x 20cm

n.307 "Chatarreros"  Oil on canvas". Year:2010.  57 x 35cm

n.303 "Landscape". Oil on textile Year:2010.  169 x 100cm

n.310 "Roofs". Oil on canvas. Year:2011.  50 x 40cm

n.312 "Tamanduateí" Photo collage and oil on canvas. Year:2011  60 x 50cm

n.311 "Tiete" Photo collage on wood. Year:2009   68 x 27cm

n.313 "Vivar del Cid"  Oil on canvas. Year:2011   66x 42cm

n.305 "Attic"  Oil on textile . Year: 2010   66 x 44cm

n.285 "O Festim de Donatello" Acrylic, asphalt and photo collage on canvas. Year:2007  156 x 136cm

n.318 "Suburban Landscape" Oil on photo collage. Year:2012  72 x 72cm

n.320 "The Castle" Oil on canvas. Year:2012  53 x 30cm

n.321 "Imaginary Landscape" Year:2013  31,5 x 21,5cm

n.326 "Imaginary Landscapes: The Cloud" Oil on canvas. Year: 2013.  61 x 44cm

n.327 "Pacaembú Landscape" Oil on canvas. Year: 2013  50 x 70cm

n.328 "Self Portrait I" Photo collage and oil on canvas. Year:2013  54 x 74cm

n.331 "Still Life at the Window" Oil on canvas . Year:2013  33 x 46cm

n.322 "Jackie" Private Collection. Latex on photo. Year:2013  90 x90cm

"Billings" Oil on canvas. Year:2011  160 x 100cm

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